Working with the NC General Assembly

In North Carolina, statewide legislation is generated by the General Assembly and, if passed, sent to the Governor for signature or veto.  The General Assembly is composed of two separate bodies -- the State Senate, which has 50 members, and the State House of Representatives which has 120 members. Each legislator represents a district which is based on population, and all General Assembly members are elected by North Carolina voters.  

The NC General Assembly meets in regular session beginning in January of each odd-numbered year.  The session continues throughout the year and continues for a shorter session in the even-numbered year.  State legislators are all elected for two-year terms in even-number years.

Please note that the State Senate and Representative Districts will also be changing in 2012. (Statewide districts are reviewed and, if needed, modified every 10 years based on US Census reports on population changes in North Carolina.)

State governments have jurisdiction over regulation of insurance companies, occupational regulation which includes regulation of health care professionals, and many of the day-to-day issues that impact food and nutrition professionals.  Therefore, NCDA members need to aware and actively involved in alerting the General Assembly about bills that concern us.

The website provides a variety of information about the GA calendar and bills that have been introduced.   If you are not sure who your State Senator or State Representative is, you can find it from this website or from Grassroots Manager.

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